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we are
HAZA Capital.

A team of Visionaries, Builders, Investors


We are specialized on B2B SaaS companies looking to scale revenue and grow a profitable rockstar brand. 


Let us help you focusing your time and energy where it matters most, from the strategy groundwork, how to Go-To Market up to equity & debt capital raising.

With finding FTEs taking a long time our broad range of leadership experience, will help you fill these gaps as interim heads or executives,  support you as a sounding board advisor and non executive director.


We strive to be the most accessible and supportive early-stage investor for great founders.


Joining the HAZA Capital Family means joining a community of business leaders, investors, partners & advisors.


At HAZA we are active venture builders and problem solvers ourselves.


With our Products, we bring value to a variety of industries and clients.

Have a look what we've built / are building right now and get in touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t see the answer for your question? Get in touch with our team

Who we work with?

We collaborate mostly but not exclusively with B2B SaaS companies from pre-seed to late stage funding. Most of our clients have between 20-500 employees.

How does it work?

Chose from one of our 3 plans and send us a request for a first Advisory session for free, if you liked it we can start to agree on regular sessions where we work towards scaling your business

What is our promise?

We are entrepreneurs ourselves, fascinated by great ideas. Beside offering our full commitment, we also offer a two week cancellation time in case you're not 100 % happy with us.

How are we going to add value?

We support companies on all fronts. We help you to set and achieve your objectives to drive your mission.

Why should you work with us?

One of our principles is "from entrepreneur for entrepreneurs". We take a proactive approach and don't just talk theory. We are hands-on, ensuring success.

How long do you work with customers?

We want to support founders on an ongoing basis. However, we take projects ranging from one months until open end.

Where is HAZA Capital?

We are headquartered in Dubai but operate globally in a remote set-up.


Join us on LinkedIn or connect via mail - we look forward to hear your story. 

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