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Advisory from Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs 

1o1 sessions

Hands-On consulting adapting processes and setting goals

People management 

Phase-appropriate development for hiring, strategy and growth

Finance Transparency 

Business Case capital raising, financial structuring, digitization

Cost efficient

We cost less than 1 FTE but bring value of multiple lead roles

Stay connected

Access to broad network of software vendors, VCs & Startups


We set your growth targets and help you executing them


CRM set-up and management

Easy Retuns

Expenses for HAZA are tax considered



Individual programs for your needs 

Tailored start-up friendly pricing

Month end cancellation policy 

Satisfaction guarantee: not happy in the first 2 weeks? Get your money back 

Our Promise

Choose your plan & let us do the rest! 


  • Bi-weekly advisory session on business development, challenges and growth targets

  • Accelerate hands on strategy planning

  • Access the HAZA and BizDev knowledge base for Start-ups

1500€ p.m


Everything in Early-Stage


  • HAZA Investment network access

  • 2x weekly management advisory session

  • 2x Functional discussion with 
    Venture fund & finance specialists

  • Designing business objectives, functional strategies & roadmaps

3500€ p.m

Individual Request

Together we design an individual management program catered to achieve your corporate goals:

  • Creating your CRM?

  • Full Fundraising support?

  • People management, performance and communication improvements?

  • Leveraging data to improve marketing, product and operations?

Pricing tailored for your needs, let's talk!

Need more details?

Equity and
Debt Capital


Having raised > $ 100m ourselves, we help you to connect with relevant VCs, Family Offices and Banks for all stages of fundraising.

Interim Full-Time Management

We've build and led teams for many years across GTM, corporate strategy, operations, product, revenue operations and sales.

We help you setting the right standards and frameworks in order to keep the bus moving while fixing your blockers at scale.

Non Executive

Need an independent person on the board, who deeply understands tech businesses and is not looking at investment ROIs only?

We join as Directors for Corporate Strategy, Growth, People- and Risk Management topics.

One Off Workshops

Only want your team to think more business, prioritization and growth?

Contact us to discuss what workshops you need and how we can help.

Sounding board advisors

You feel like you and your management team need recurring sounding board partner that can challenge them on a variety of topics or support ongoing on ideas and projects?

We offer 3 different plans fully flexible on what you need.

HAZA Capital

Creating value by
reinventing the core,

We know how technology and digital trends are transforming

your environment. We’ll uncover where the real value exists for



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